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Evening all,

Cath, no hearing protection ,,, don’t think the decibel level is in the dangerous zone, and having had parrots for 40+ years, I’d be wondering IF things were quiet in the bird room, haha. Not like it’s a 24/7 ear buster thing, Sinbad my cockatoo used to do “sunset serenades” and scream loudly when the sun was going down,,, and it was 2nd nature /no biggie.
Same thing when she would see a wild bird or cat outside her window,, warning call. A macaw’s “voice” is sorta off key , nothing like what a melodious song bird would belt out,, but I’m ok with it.

Well, the tree guys showed up today and got a lot of work done here, looks like just taking down the rest of the trunks on two trees ( left at 7-8’ tall) and grinding the 4 stumps is all that is left tomorrow.
Won’t be home when they show up since I’ll be going to mom’s to de-leaf her property. Was mulling over taking the dedicated riding mower with its Trac Vac collection/shredding functions to do the leaves , provided it was able to get/drive the combo on the trailer. ( and not have to use the prev. norm driving dad’s riding mower with hard bagger on back) found I was taking a lot of time with many trips with a full bagger to dump it at a spot at the curb for the town to pick up the leaves. The one end furthest from the dump area was a long , many times over, trip. With the Trac Vac it shreds the leaves into fine particles/pieces , so less back/forth trips . Less time taken is always a good thing.
Figured I’d try to see if the riding mower could get on the trailer this afternoon, and was wildly surprised and pleased that it made it with no problems or clearance / ability issues. Almost went too easy , heheh. So, mower/vac combo it on the trailer, lashed
down and ready for the morning’s trip up north .
Hoping/expecting to finish in record time🤞🏻👍🏼.

Got word this evening that foster long dogs Linky and Toby have approved adopters interested in them👍🏼🤗, and will be here on Saturday to check em out /hopefully adopt them. Only stick in the spokes
Is that I am picking up Molly the baby macaw Saturday afternoon, so they will be made aware that the visit/possible adoption will have to be ended by a certain time. Hopefully that is cool with them.

On to the remaining evening,

hope everyone had a great day!
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