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A 'glitchy' Friday

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.....Hey I'm game, let's try this. :unsure:
Good morning, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

After every action hit, I have to refresh, or get a 'something went wrong' message. Coffee still tastes good though, so the world, well, is still kinda OK.

Another 'cooler' this time of the year day, in the 60's latter.
Nothing on deck worthy of writing in stone......just life on the creek.

Hope something delightfuly interesting awaits All,
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Good morning Hack and everyone.

I’m getting the same thing going on and seeing that message.
Presley will be staying here today so Gabi can sleep before work tonight, she pull an extra shift at the hospital last night.
Going to try and get Jacob to help me widen the gate. I think I mentioned that the gate is not wide enough for the new boat.
I also got mirror extensions for the truck. Can’t see with stick side view mirrors while towing the Tahoe.
Good mawnin’, Hack, Vinnie, and all of TRT

Sorry to drop in and leave right away. Just wanted to check in with you guys to let you know I am still living. Headed off to an exercise class.

lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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Good Morning Hack, Vin, and Cath. so far no glitches here, It looks like another summery day here
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Wow it looks like alien invasion of body snatchers.
91 and a little muggily today, AC is good in house, in car NOT
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