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Just turned afternoon here , all

Put in some time in the pole barn, then ran 2 file cabinets worth of “paper”(300# easy) to recycle. Consisted of old radio/tv repair manuals etc,,, auction stuff I got a while back,,, not in my realm of radio collecting,, and now with that stuff available online,, no desire for that stuff nowadaze.
On the way home I stopped at my restaurant equipment buy/sell buddy to catch up on “stuff”.
Talk turned into my asking if he had a trailer that could haul a car, and told him why. He has a tilt bed equipment trailer that’ll do the job just fine. Trailer too big n heavy for my “lil” 1/2 ton truck, he volunteered bringing his dually and and trailer to bring home the Mercury . Now instead of my renting a UHaul trailer, I just gotta fill up a dually fuel tank for the favor 👍🏼.

After a sitdown reboot, and feed the dawgs, will go back out to the 3 garage and clear space for the Mercury,,,,

Add me to the list of those with ringing ears Cath 🥴

Hope everyone is having a great day 👍🏼
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