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A Fraggin' we will go

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OK guys, I hate to do all this, but I am going to have to. Alot of these corals are attached to rather large live rock, so I am going to start fragging. There is only one colony I am saving that is going with the rock.

So I am going to have frags of green digitata, purple digitata, some brown digitata, some green acros, etc etc. If anyone is interested that is???????????? Some will be small frags etc etc. look for a full count tonight, as soon as the lights come on, I have clippers in hand ready to start!
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Hey stoney, I'll take a frag of Puprle, brown Digi, please. If you could maybe make 1 medium frag for me that would be great but otherwise small is just as good.

Yeah, it will be fine. I have a 20g with 2x55w pc. 10000k and 50/50. I will be fine.

Here are two tanks with less lighting than what you want and look, their awesome looking tanks.

This guy Brooklyn Johhny has 2x36w pc.

Here is Code Toads tank and he has 2x65w pc.

It takes more than good light to grow these, more improtantly is good water and you should have no problem.
what happened to yah Stoney? You haven't given us a heads up. ;P
Well ***** Stoney, I had no idea you were that busy! No need to rush, I can wait.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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