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A Fraggin' we will go

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OK guys, I hate to do all this, but I am going to have to. Alot of these corals are attached to rather large live rock, so I am going to start fragging. There is only one colony I am saving that is going with the rock.

So I am going to have frags of green digitata, purple digitata, some brown digitata, some green acros, etc etc. If anyone is interested that is???????????? Some will be small frags etc etc. look for a full count tonight, as soon as the lights come on, I have clippers in hand ready to start!
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Heads up, well the frags broke where they broke, i have some huge ones, and some small ones, I will frag the hell out of the green monti, and any thing else left in the tank, only a couple of corals left to move over to their new home. So other than the previously promised frags it is now first come, first serve. Pot luck, white elephant etc etc
But if you really want to know what happened my hosting provider shut down unexpectedly. So one compnay took their client base, etc etc, well they shut down the servers and did not transfer all accounts, plus the new company was going to be 10 times more expensive, so I changed hosting providers and just got email and website back. Negotiating on a house, working on a prototype kalk and CA reactor in one unit for a reef aquarium maintainence compnay in PA they want to do a large order. Working hard at my normal job. Finding the woman of my dreams. Purchased a new car, Samantha has swimming lessons, helping my brother remodel his basement, taking care of the parents UKC registered hounds(7) while they are on vacation. Trying to get this tank torn down, helping set up another tank, doing some side acrylic work for wendy's. Bun warmer doors, displays for awards, etc etc. plus trying to keep up with orders. WHEW! OK! Gotta go now!
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