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Ok I've been doing alot of research over the weekend and now that my eyes are blood-shot from staring at the PC I have a few questions for anyone whoo may be able to answer them....

BTW this thread is open to all TRT anyone who may have any input please..

For those unfamiliar, I am planning a DIY reactor...

Question one:
4.5" or 6" chambers I will have dual chambers...
Please give explination as to the benifit considering that the dual 4.5" reactors are rated for 500+g (chamber will be 18" tall with 3" gap at bottom for media pad and riser)

Question two:
Most of the reactors I've seen have the 1st chamber down flow and the second up flow. Why? could the both be up or down or is there a reason for one down and the other up? I would think that having both down flow woud keep media out of the plumbing and it would exit after the media pad. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Question three:
C02 injection. I have seen some reactors that have one injectos just before ther recirc pump and I have seen others that the C02 "T's" off and also enters the first chamber at the top of the chamber. Is there a reason for this? I would think that just adding before the pump would be enough and the impeller would also break up the bubbles for better saturation???

Question four:
Chamber to chamber plumbing...
Some reactor have 1/2" into the first chamber and then 1/4" to the second and some have 1/2" between the two chambers? Why? benifits?

Question five (last for now):
Effluent return...
Tops of the second chamber or bottom? I assume it depends on the flow direction Top if up flow, bottom if down flow?
Or does it matter where the return comes from since the the recirc reate is much greater the the effluent return?

Thats all for now Thanks ahead of time for the info...

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#1: The second chamber helps bring the PH of the effluent up so it doesn't lower it in your tank. The media will still dissolve just a little slower.

#2: Some reactors push lots of water through the first reactor. I guess if you have an upflow then you would move the media around too much. My MRC reactor has a downflow that goes through a spray bar for better saturation. The second chamber has such a small flow that an upflow works fine. I don't know why an upflow there though Maybe an upflow in case the power goes out and that chamber doesn't empty into your sump??

#3: I think you would get better distribution to have it go into the reactor right before the pump.

#4: 1/2" into the reactor is normal, the reason you only need 1/4" between chamber one and two is because your effluent usually enters back into the tank at a drip to a very slow stream. Maybe its better for the pump with the 1/2" then the 1/4".

#5: I would put your effluent return to the tank in the top of the second chamber while having the imput to chamber two at the bottom.
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