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We all know about phosphate being known as PO4 and can test for this. there is another type of phosphate called PO3. Usually the lfs can test for this. I had this problem as well, (algae) and found that using garlic exztreme put a huge amout of PO3 in my tank and I didn't know it because I couldn't test for it. Keep using a phosphate sponge even if your PO4 test shows 0.0. I would cut back on the lights as much as possible to help as well. Also, macro algae competes for food with micoalgae, possible put some of that in there.

As to the inverts this a new tank? was copper ever put into the tank and may be leaching from the silicone seals?? Anyone spray cleaning stuff or air freshner in the room??

Just some thoughts, good luck.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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