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First of all, Ask him what kind of water is he using. It sure does seem that something is killing off his fish, and according to his chemistry his water seems fine. However, I would double check my readings with another kit, LFS or another hobbiest. Something is definatly wrong. The hair algae shouldn't be wiping out live stock like that. Also look at a grounding probe. I am not sure why but once I added one to my sump, it sure seem to make a difference with my fish.
Take Salinity readings with a refractometer. A LFS should have one, if it is a good one. Also another thing about water, when I was keeping freshwater tanks, I used treated tap water. I had two or three tanks crash out of the blue and I learned that during Harvest times and heavy rainfall, pesticides and other chemicals get into the water and our test kits do not detect them. Copper is a biggie. Probably the principal reason why I bought a RO/DI Unit.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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