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I apologize if this has been posted already...did a search and didn't find anything. There are a bunch of EuroReef blems available now. Here is the email sent to me today by Jeff Macare at EuroReef:

Here ya go!!
Here's what is available for blems. Prices are set. These items will be sold on a first pay first serve basis. Payment instructions are at the bottom of the list. If you want a skimmer, send an e-mail with the requested information in complete or call : 949.770.9914 and ask for Jeff.

Model Availablity Price
ES5-2 16 $150 ea + S&H
ES5-3 2 $170 ea + S&H
ES6-1 3 $185 ea + S&H
ES6-2 1 $200 ea + S&H
ES6-2+ 1 $230 ea + S&H
ES8-1 1 $300 ea + S&H
ES8-2 1 $320 ea + S&H

CS6-1 3 $225 ea + S&H
CS6-2+ 1 $275 ea + S&H
CS8-1 1 $373 ea + S&H
CS8-2 1 $395 ea + S&H
CS8-3 1 $450 ea + S&H
CS12-1 7 $525 ea + S&H
CS12-1** 1 $500 ea + S&H *** 1/2" higher than normal = 24 1/2" tall

To complete the sale, please provide the following info by phone or e-mail:

Your name
Shipping address
Credit Card:
EXP date
Your name as it appears on the card
Billing address if different from shipping address
A contact phone# for UPS in case of delivery problems
E-mail address for UPS tracking notification 9 so you can track your package)

Contact us at:
phone : 949.770.9914
e-mail : [email protected] (or reply to this e-mail)

If you want UPS shipping services other than UPS Ground, let me know and I will provide pricing for you.

As soon as we have this info we will give you a confirmation invoice with the E.T.A. for the items to be packed and shipped.

We look forward to filling your current order and future aquaristic needs.

***We have Salifert test kits in stock at great prices : click here: List.htm
** We have an excellent line on Tunze Stream Systems, Aqua Medic " Aqua Spacelight" fixtures & Aqualogic fluid chillers.


Jeff Macaré

I'm so excited - I just ordered a ES5-3 myself for my 65 gallon. He said that there is nothing wrong with the units - they work perfectly...they just have some scratches or similar minor problem. Warrantee is the same as normal.
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