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Skimmer and Reactor
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I do NOT want to part out at this time. Please refrain from posting what pieces you are interested in. If I part out, I will make a separate post with prices. So, just to reiterate, please don't post "If you decide to part out...blah blah." Thank you!!

This needs a little TLC after being in the garage and ignored. You may want to replace the bulkheads just for the fact that they are fairly old. I'm not sure how long they are supposed to last, but salt is corrosive..

It needs new plumbing from the bulkheads to the sump, but I have the plumbing for the return. It is just disconnected.

Standard 90 gallon 48"x18"x24" glass tank, blue painted back panel
-Custom stand (~36" tall) & canopy; built in GFCI on the stand
-Two mogul halide lamps (and reflectors)
-Two PFO HQI ballasts -250w
-Two radium bulbs (used for three months)
-Two 48" actinic Nova T5 fixtures
-Two Mag 12 pumps - one for the return, one for the skimmer
-Custom acrylic sump
-Auto top off - Kent Float Valve and container (I think it holds 15 gallons of top off water)
-Two 4" canopy fans
-Two 3" cabinet fans
-Heater - 200w Jager submersible
-various small powerheads
-LOTS of odds and ends
-spare old bulbs (x2)

$800 cash firm - you must pick up

Obviously it needs to be cleaned up. The tank itself has been cleaned up - coraline scraped off, etc. The sump area and cabinet needs to be cleaned from salt buildup. The mag 12 pumps probably could use a good soaking in vinegar. Cabinet door hinges have been replaced due to rust and are closing and functioning properly. In the photo they are a little askew as I took the shot before replacing.

Please let me know if you have questions about anything or want photos of something in particular.

Top off container

What it used to look like:

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