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This system has been set up for roughly five years between the previous owner and myself. I have had the tank for 3.5 years.

The stand has a cover that slides over the front and sides, and the front of the hood flips up for easy access to the top of the tank.

Too much equipment to list completely, but including the following:
approximately 25 gallon sump
Tunze Osmolator 3155 auto top off (I use a 10 gallon reservoir tank)
SWC 160 cone skimmer
Finnex 300 watt titanium heater
(2) BRS two part dosing pumps
BRS dual carbon / gfo reactor with Cobalt MJ-1200 pump
Neptune Aqua Controller Jr. (older style, has PH and temp probes)
(2) Hydor Koralia 1400 gph
Koralia 850 gph
Hydor Koralia Smartwave controller
(2) Ecotech Marine Radion Gen 2
Hanna Checkers (Alkalinity, Calcium, Phosphate)
BRS 5 stage RO/DI unit

I replaced a lot of the equipment the previous owner had, including the lighting and old Koralia Wavemaker with two Koralia 4 pumps. The lighting was an LED system he made himself, and with the exception of a few LED’s it still works. Not sure if the Wavemaker still works. Everything I have fish tank related, right down to buckets, is going along with this sale.

To mix saltwater I have a 30 gallon Rubbermaid can with a small powerhead and heater. I also have an approximately 10 gallon acrylic tank and stand which the previous owner used for mixing.

It currently does not have a lot of coral in it, just some green star polyps, red mushrooms, green hammer coral, frogspawn, a pretty large toadstool leather coral, and some other polyps. I have had sps in it in the past, and it grew very well. Just haven’t had the time for it recently.

The fish are: yellow tang, blue tang, blue/green chromis, a pair of clownfish, anthias, pajama cardinal, and orange stripe goby (with pistol shrimp). All the fish except the pajama cardinal and goby were in the tank when I bought the it from the previous owner, so they are at least 3.5-4 years old. The other two are a couple years old. .

Asking $1,900. For any questions or pictures please text 814-five nine six-8647.


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