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I added the frogspawn about 3 hours ago. Got it from a local reefer here in FL. Brought it home, split it in 2. Drip acclimated it for 2 hours on a 1 drip per 1.5 seconds.

Within an hour of the lights goin on, both started to open a bit.. I moved them out of the direct flow and now they are really starting to pop out. Even since this video the first one has almost doubled in size. Its amazing.

The Zoa's, Greenstar Polyps have been in 2 weeks. The GSP has doubled in size already and is about to leave the frag an start encrusting the rock I stuck the frag in. The clown is the one I rescued last weekend. He is doing great and loves his new home.

I would like to thank everyone who has answered questions that I have had and those that have helped me locally. You guys are all awsome.
I am very happy with my tank, having the spawn open up right away along with the others must be testament that you all have not steered me wrong. Again. Thankyou all.

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