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Hey Guys,

I have my old tank available. It is a 75 gallon glass aquarium. The old "front" side of it is scratched up pretty bad. The old "back side" has some coraline growth on it but shouldn't be to hard to get off. I think it would make a great sump or refugium for a larger tank or some such thing.

I also have the stand for it. It is an "Oak" (fake) stand. It is in good condition as it is only a 2 years old.

The wife wants these things gone. I had thought about putting mangroves in the tank but have decided to forgo that project for a while.

All I want is a handful of nice frags for each.



Now, understand that you have to come up to the island to get these things (Oak Harbor) but if I am able to make it to the BBQ this month, I would be MORE then willing to throw them in the back of my truck and bring them down with me. I just need to know when the BBQ is going to be. I am willing to drive half way and meet you on my side of the ferry on the southern part of Whidbey Island as well. That'll save about 45 min drive time up to my house.


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