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Ok the break down of the tank

75 gallon Acrlyic tank with built in oveflow. And Refugium in the back of the tank before it goes into the sump

200watt Heater Ebo

20 gallon glass sump

It comes wired with the Switch board built into the tank stand

Comes with a Skimmer i bought from upscales that they had built and the pump to run the skimmer

The tank is fully plumbed with locline for the returns in the tank

Come with a Gen X 8400 for a return into the tank.
The stand is all wood built around the tank.

Sorry I will not part out. This is almost a Turn Key reef setup.
Add Lights and Live Stock and Away you go.

$450 for all of it~
Questions Email me at [email protected]
Or call me a 503 484 3854
Bryan Friend


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