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75 Gallon In South Florida

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75 gallon all glass with ecosystem, the return pump from the ecosystem to the tank is a mag 1200, oak cabinet, 100 lbs fiji and tonga rock all rock has corals growing on them, plus fish. plus 330 watts of power compact lighting all lighting has extra fans, plus all corals, clam. green open brain, all typs of mushrooms, red , green strip. blue strip. red, green star polyps, zoos. kenya tree leather, yellow fiji leather, candy cain corals, bubble corals, all types of buttons brown green, fish are red headed wrass, perk clown, white watchman globe, leapord wrass, royal gramma, fork tail blenny, all fish are over two years old, plus all test kits. $850.00, if someone wants the tank i'll through in a 4 month remora skimmer with a maxie jet for 75 bucks and a 100gpd four stage ro/di unit with a flush kit and a psi meter all filters are new plus i have some extra one, my lights alone cost me over 500.00 bucks and the ecosystem over 300.00 bucks, so your getting everything as a bonus,all the live rock, all the corals, all my rock is covered in purple coraline algae, plus i'll through in my ph meter, i only reason i'm sell is my mom is very sick and i need the money for bills, if it wasn't for my mom i would never sell it, it was my life, the tank and oak stand is only 7 months old, i can't ship because i'm disable, i need to sell complete, i have over 2500.00 hundred in it, so its a steal for someone,if someone bought it and parted it out they would make much more money then i'm asking, i'm in boca raton florida, if you want to talk my # is 561-483-4779, Thank you and God Bless
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