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Well my tank is about to be 6 months old so I figured it was time to start a build thread...

First a little background.

I started with a JBJ 24gal Nano tank back in March of 2010. My friend told me when I bought the tank that he gave me 6 months before I upgraded to a larger tank... He was right, except I only made it a month before I bought a second tank. I found a great deal on a RSM130D from a neighbors son that got out of the hobby. It came with tons of rock and other items. I had originally set the RSM up as a FOLR tank and kept the JBJ as a reef tank but then ran out of room in the JBJ so I found people to adopt the non-reef safe fish and made the RSM into a reef tank. Over the course of a year and a half I upgraded the RSM to have a sump with fuge, a better skimmer and lighting. Here is a comparison picture over time.

I love the tank so much but lost my time to take care of it while I purchased a new house and remodeled it. During that time I had a HUGE red bubble algae outbreak and couldn't overcome it.

I knew I wanted to get a larger tank and had grand plans with the new house. There was a closet that separated the living room from the dining room and I wanted to remove it and install a custom 210 gallon tank that would be a peninsula with the overflow on one end but the house needed a lot more work than I thought originally and funds were not there. We also decided that the closet space was needed and it would be better to do a 4ft tank in the living room. I knew the whole time that the sump would be in the basement and we decided to go with a 75 gallon tank with a 100 gallon sump and a 20 gallon fuge. I purchased the tank from a friend that has a wholesale account in Madison and a 100 gallon stock tank from Tractor Supply, then the fun began.

Over the past year I knew I would want a larger tank at some point so I stocked up on some great deals when I found them. I found a used ETSS 800 skimmer on Ebay with the waist collection jar for $250 which is a STEAL! I also found a guy that works for iwaki on a forum and bought two iwaki 70's for $180 shipped which is cheaper than buying one alone.

During the setup of the new tank I removed all of the corals and fish I wanted to keep and put them in a QT tank in the basement. I knew there were a lot of things I did not want in my new tank that I had purchased for the old (mushrooms, buttons, snowflake, and star polyps for example) I removed as much as I could from the rocks and gave them away to fellow reefers in the area.

I started off by setting up a temporary sump in my basement to house the fish and the saved corals, I then took almost all the rock and did an acid bath on it. There were a few pieces that didn't get any light and didn't have any red bubble algae on it and wanted to keep it separate for seed rock. While I did this I got the DT ready along with the sump. Once the rocks were cleaned I put them into the new sump to cook them with the good rock i removed from the old tank.

Here is a picture of me working on the plumbing (Thanks to Angela for sneeking up on me)

For the DT I built a stand out of 2x4's and planned on wrapping it with wood to match the rest of the house (Has yet to happen so I currently have a ******* stand) I drilled two hole in the floor under the carpet so I can put the room back to the original state in the future if I need to.

Here is a picture before water was in the DT

Once the rock was done cooking I started to fill the DT with water and let the system run for a few days before turning the valve to send the water upstairs.
Here is Destiny helping me fill the tank

And Angela with the camera again..

I never had a cycle since everything was running already and soon moved the rock and livestock to the DT.

I added some new corals and fish and everything was going great until I bought a fish from a fish store I trust and have had great luck with in the past. I made one HUGE mistake and never QT the new fish....

Days later I noticed the fish had ick and started to look bad. I started to remove the fish and put them all in QT to start hypo on them but they were too infected. I lost one by one until they were all gone but one. I lost a mated pair of extreme mis-bar clown, Yellow Kole Eye Tang, 3 Anthias, 2 Mandarin and a Yellow Watchman Goby. Needless to say this made me sick!

I let the tank sit without any fish for over two months before buying another fish, and yes it was from OTP.

I have since purchased some more corals as you can see, some from fellow club members and some from F&S during their tour. Here are a few pictures:

To see more picture check out the link:

Let me know what you think!

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Looks great! Bummer to hear about losing almost all the fish to ich. :( I have to be honest and admit that I've never QT'd a fish before putting it in my tank, and I accept the fact that at some point, I'm bound to accidentally introduce something into the tank that will make me start up a QT tank in the future... But having said that, I have several cleaner shrimp that love to pick at and clean everything and anything in the tank, so maybe they help me prevent any ich in the tank. Or I'm just incredibly lucky... :S But at any rate, your tank looks great!


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Thanks guys! Yeah it really sucked loosing all of the fish except one stupid chromis. What really got me is the fish that took all the others out was a mandarin, I didnt think they got ick..

I am really happy how well everything has grown in the last 6 months. My duncan has went from 4 heads to about 40, my hammer has over doubled, and there are many more frags that have just gone nuts. The extra water volume and over skimming has really helped my system grow.

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I love the minimalist rock work! You are getting some great growth. You are right Duncans grow super fast if you spot feed them. I had a huge colony until the great crash of 2011. Keep up the good work!!
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