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Moving Sale: $400 for entire setup detailed below.

75 gal tank, stand, sump w/pump, lights, UV sterilizer, fish, substrate, and rocks are available for sale. Will separate if fish sale first (i.e. I can't have tankless fish).

Fish: Sunshine Peacock Cichlids. 2 males, 6 females, 1 fry. All born in our home. Oldest on Jan. 11, 2005. Also have 4 cory cats that get on nicely with the Cichlids. These are great bottom feeders.

Tank: 75 gal, no leaks or scratches. Used about 1 year, comes with stand.

Lights: 48" JBJ Formosa-DX lights

Sump System: SeaLife Wet/Dry with bioballs, overflow box

Pump: Only 6 months old! Pumps 350 gph. Purchased new from Drs. Foster & Smith.

Rocks & Substrate: 100+ pounds of Texas Holey Rock. 60+ pounds of black & white mixed sand, Cichlid sand mixed with Tahitian moon sand.

More pictures can be provided upon request. Please email me at [email protected] with any offers/inquiries.

*Note: I realize this is a marine site. I don't expect much interest in the Cichlids, but it's time for the tank to find a new home.


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