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Decided that I want something slightly than my current tank.
The tank is a Tenecor Simplicity Plus 75 gallon acrylic tank.
Tank has one hole drilled in it for a 1" drain. I also blocked all the tiny holes that allowed water to flow between the back area and the main. Otherwise it's how I got it from Jeffie 5 months ago.

Pics I took an hour ago.

Condition is excellent. No deep or real noticable scratches on it.

Now, I would like to trade this for a 120, maybe a 90 gallon. If the tank isn't drilled you'll need to add a small bit of cash so i can have it done.

If nothing comes up as far as trades, i'll sell it for what I paid. If you want a standpipe, a durso will not fit in the overflow section. I have a Stockman standpipe that I purchased from PremiumAquatics that I will sell for $10.
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