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took me a while to get the amount of light i want on my tank
also took my 65 watt corallife pc to blow out

the tank is a 120
before had 2 110 corallife vhos and a 65 watt pc over one side

now it has 6 110 vhos 2 blue 1 white and 3 50/50 it seems to be a lotta light

i have 3 timers
ones for moon lights tho when i get them

ill have some more pics tomorrow when i finish mounting the timer strip too the back of the door and my corals open up

sorry for such big pics
ill have better and smaller ones tomorow

heres how it went
heres a loota the stuff from in side the stand


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Wow, those are some big pics. Have you considered mounting the ballasts to the outside of your cabinet? It may help reduce heat buildup in the sump and tank. I see that you live in Baton Rouge, tank temp may be an issue for you during the summer. Looks good!
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