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6 Weeks

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Very nice! What's hanging on the left side of tank? Filtration? :)
yeah filters for now. The sump and skimmer goes in today they finally arrived. :) I was limited for space undernrath so it took me a while to find something that would fit. Im still not sure if it does, hehe.
What are the specs???

I looks good, I like the acrhes, will be very nice for some corals!
46 gallon bowfront
Kent nautilus te skimmer
aqua clear 125 wet dry sump
25 lbs Figi liverock
50 lbs of sand

I just hooked up the sump and skimmer today :)
now I have microbubble madness. I hope its the
skimmer breaking in.
Lookin Good!:beer:
after moving things around I finally got the bubbles to stop. I have a question about the skimmer now. How do I know if it is running correctly what I mean is how fast sould the foam rise and how much of a swirly should I have in the tube.
you should be getting a dry brownish foam....

If it is wet and clear foam, you are skimming wet skimmate and want to cut back the bubbles a bit....
yeah im getting alot of skimmate :(
Wow franc,
You won't believe this but I have a picture on my computer that looks JUST LIKE THAT.....wierd...
Thanks :)

and to top it off that was the last of the fiji branch that they had.
Ill have to qait till the lfs gets some more. I think im gonna add a few more pieces cause i dont want it to overpower the tank.
hmm, I tried to shrink a current picture and I guess it didnt work.
weeee :) now thats better. Sorry I havent posted in a while but I still browse the forums every day religiously and I was doing a search and came across one of my old posts. I cant believe how my tank has come along.
Yeppers its lookin sweeeet:beer:
It's coming along nicely!:)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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