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- 2x250w 20k Radium Metal Halides
- Reef Octopus HOB Protein Skimmer BH-2000
- Reef Keeper Elite Managment System
- 3 Koralia Evolution Powerheads (2x1400gph, 1050gph)
- 1 Marineland Stealth Heaters 300 Watt
- 300 GPH Overflow Box
- Custom 30G Sump
- Custom Auto Top Off Unit
- Mag 3 Return Pump

Live Rock & Live Sand:
- 80lbs Fiji Live Rock
- 70lbs Live Sand

- 2 False Perc Clownfish
- Yellow Tang
- Yellow Tail Damsel
- Pencil Urchin
- Hawiian Feather Duster

Clean Up Crew:
- 2 Emerald Crabs
- 35 Cerith Snails
- 40 Nassarius Snails
- 40+ of Blue Leg Hermits
- 2 Scarlet Reef Hermits
- Fighting Conch

- ORA Tri Color Blue Tip Tabling Acro Colony
- ORA Miami Orchid Mini Colony
- ORA Purple Plasma Colony
- ORA Green Slimer
- ORA Ponape Birdsnest Mini Colony
- ORA Blue Acro (Not sure which one yet)
- ORA Pink Birdsnest Colony
- ORA Purple Digitata Frag
- ORA Green Birdsnest Colony
- ORA Brett's Purple Rim Monti Cap Colony
- ORA Purple Nana Frag
- ORA Green Scroll Colony
- ORA Bellina Acro Colony
- ORA Blue Bottle Brush Colony
- Red Millie
- Green w/ Blue Tips Tabling Acro

- 2 Green Acan Colonies
- Black Widow Acans
- Rainbow Acans
- Micromussa: Blue With Red Center
- Wild Raspberry Chalice
- Purple & Baby Blue Favites (2"x3")
- Purple/Pink/Red Favia 8-10 Heads
- Brown/Red Favia
- Frogspawn (2 big heads)
- Neon Hammer Med. 2 Heads
- X-Mas Favia (1"x1")
- Green Open Brain
- Red Orange Aussie Acan Lord (4 Heads)
- Candy Cane Coral Colony

- 2 Rabbit Ear Leathers
- Green Finger Leather
- Kenya Tree (2 & Growing Like Weeds)

- Razberry Creme
- Watermellon

- Blue Ricordea Mushroom

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I like the simplistic look with the rock. must be HEAVY rock to, if that is 60lbs worth! How long has the tank been set up for?

A few notes though...

You will probably need twice to three times more rock to keep that mandarin/blenny fed unless hes already converted to pellets/frozen food.

On top of that, Scooter Blennies and Mandarins both eat copepods almost solely. Having them both compete for food will deplete the pod population faster than it can grow and lead to starvation of both fish. (Even the 6-line even eats copepods through out the day...)

Also beware of the Sally Lightfoot, some around here I have seen horror stories with them eating fish. Also beware of the Condys, very powerful sting to fish and corals.

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Like the setup i just set up a 55 gallon tank myself still takin slow tho only have one damsel floatin around so far and a bunch of hermit crabs cleanin up an alge mess. You said up you have a choclate chip starfish does he mess with your corals any, and how does it do with keepin your substrate clean?

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@tok318 i try to feed my star about every other day with a bit of shrimp and he stays at the top and just cruises around waiting on his shrimp so no he doesnt messs with anything for my substrate i have abot 40ish blue leg hermits and it stays pretty clean

@cmltoe here is a pic of the sump when i first got it set up


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Nice tank you have there. I also have a 55g and I was wondering, how are those evo 750's working out for you. Can you keep them both one w/o blowing everything around? Do they give out good enough flow for all your inhabitants? Reason I ask is because I have 2 1050's in my tank and I can't keep them both on at the same time and was thinking about buying 2 750's and saving the 1050's for my upgrade. :thumbup: Thanks.
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