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55g Going to be Reef

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This is my first Saltwater fish tank. Bought this tank in the beginning of may for $250. This were the following items it came with.

Fluval 304 Filter
Marineland HOT Filter
Oceanic Tank, Stank, and T8 Light Fixture
30-40 pounds of live rock
2 Neon Gobies
2 Yellowtail Damsels
Bluejaw Triggerfish
One spot Foxface
Yellow Damsel
Sallylight Foot Crab
and 5 hermit crabs

I have done a couple of Upgrades to it now it has

Coralife 4x65w pc light fixture
Rena Xp4 Filter
Sicce voyager 3 pump
Maxijet 900 and 1200
45lbs of live sand

First Pic without upgrades

This is my livestock right now.
1 Clown Fish (the other one jumped out a week ago)
2 Neon Gobies
2 Yellowtail Damsels
Coral Beauty (Added 2 weeks ago)
Bluejaw Triggerfish
One spot Foxface (Died cause of HITH)
Yellow tang (Died of Lateral Line Disease)
Both died the same day at night 3 weeks ago. Dont know why but they were both looking alot better. Water para looked good.

Watermelon Mushroom
Kenya Tree
Leather Finger
Green Trach
Brain Favia
Grape Undata Monti
Brown-Green Tuberculosa Monti

8 Blue leg Hermit
5 Red leg Hermit
1 Big Hermit thats i'm still trying to figure out which type it is.
1 Sallylight Foot Crab
1 Pincushion urchin
6 Cerith Snail
6 Margarita Snail
3 Turbo Snails
4 Nass Snails
1 Cleaner Shrimp
Yes I know that i need a protein skimmer i will get that with alot of more things with the taxes next month.
But tank is doing great and all Corals are doing good to. Kenya tree has grown like an inch or 2 in like 2 month

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not really i want to go with sps later on when i get my LEDs and Skimmer.

I love that Trigger she's the most active one in the tank she even likes hang out with the Cleaner shrimp she loves him haha. Thats the little cave that the shrimp hides and cleans fish.
if your going to do SPS you may consider going bare bottom, or crushed coral.

they love flow, and love a very clean tank/water :D
yea Im thinking about going BB and this hair algea is driving me crazy but atleast its going away little by little.
Ok 2 weeks ago i added a Small Hammer coral with 4 small heads and a duncan. 5 days ago i added a brown-green monti tuberculosa and a Grape undata monti. They are all doing great will get pics soon.
Ok I just got my AI Sol Blue LEDs will post pics after setup.
Pics where taken at 7:30pm White-20%, Blue-15%, Royal Blue-15%

AI Sol Blue's

Side Shot

Montipora Brown-Green and Grape Undata Monti

Brain Favia

Hammer Coral

Toadstool and Duncan

Green Open Brain
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Are you going the keep the lights oriented the way they are shown or flip them in the long direction of the tank? I was talking with LFS and they recommended long direction if only using two units for the 55 gal. When I get mine that is what I will try to do although the rail system does not allow for that, guess some ingenuity will need to be used.
yes i'm planning on putting them long direction but need to make a stand or something cause the rail system will not work. But for right now its doing great.
Ok I changed it long ways. I only used one rail and hook it up to the hanger
I Upgraded to a 75g early of this year with a sump and went bare bottom as well. This are my new equipment i got after the upgrade.
Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper lite with ALC, PC4, SL1
Reef Octopus nwb110
2 Koralias 1400 with Smartwave Controller

Bluejaw Trigger
3 Pajama Cardinal
Bangai Cardinal
Sixline Wrasse
Tomato Clown
Neon Goby

Yellowtip Birdnest
Watermelon Mushroom
Green Brain (Trach)
Green Hammer
Sunset Zoas

Shots From Nikon D3000 DSLR I just got this Yesterday so im still new with it.

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