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My name is Brett and I live in Brookhaven (Atlanta, Ga.) and have a 55 Gallon (long) fish tank with a stand, live Rock (about 20-30 pounds), sand, sea cucumber, Chocolate Chip Starfish, Clown Fish, and Gobi (I think). The Tank is pretty old but still in good condition, you just would need to clean it. The Stand is old and I did a bad paint job to it...which is why I would give those away along with the sand, as long as I can get $3.00 per pound of live rock. I would be willing to throw in the fish, star fish and sea cucumber too.
> Just know all this includes is the:
> 1) Tank
> 2) Stand
> 3) Sand
> 4) Live Rock
> 5) 2 Fish
> 6) Sea Cucumber
> 7) Chocolate Chip Star Fish
> I am keeping the pumps, filters etc. for future use...
> Please let me know if you or anyone else would be interested as I am moving this month and am getting rid of it one way or another.
> My e-mail is [email protected] or you can call me on my cell at 404-386-6380.

I can't ship anything...and because I am pretty much giving this away you would need to pick it up. If interested please let me know ASAP. You can reach me this weekend via my cell phone or other blackberry e-mail: [email protected]

> Thank you,
> Brett
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