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Hey all well im gonna be setting up a 55 gallon sps reef in a couple of months and im starting to slowly buy the supplies now and this is what ive looked at today and deemed good for the tank;
Belize Sun 48" HQI+T5+LED lights [150W 14K]
-Calcium Reactor
Vertex RX4 Calcium Reactor
10lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder
-Protein Skimmer
Reef Octopus Extreme 200 Skimmer by Coralvue
(x2) Tunze Turbelle Stream 6065
Salinity Refractometer with ATC by aquamedic
CS50 Siphon Aquarium Overflow Box by CPR

Can anyone reccommed where to find a good coast to coast overflow that wont flood if theres a blackout?

Please critique my choices and recomend anything better if possible. LOL as you can see im not going cheap.
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