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50 gallon
jbj pc 96 watt x2
hob skimmer
fluval 405
2x koralia 4

60# live rock (tonga)
40# live sand

pair ora oscellaris b&w clowns
copperband butterfly
royal gramma
diamond goby
lawnmower blenny
skunk cleaner shrimp
2 peppermint shrimp
3 emerald crabs
around 40 red tipped and blue leg hermits
10 nassarius snails
2 astraea snails
8 bumblebee snails

candy cane coral
frogspawn frag
pipe organ coral
flower pot coral

tropic marin pro reef salt
aqua vitro additives

i originally filled this tank in march of 08 with 20# of live sand and 30# of live rock using instant ocean salt and well water (i know, big mistake with the water-im paying for it now with phosguard). i couldnt afford the equipment i needed at the time and neglected the tank for about 9 months. no top off. water evaporated down to about half full.
in march of 09 i did a 100% water change and bought a skimmer and pc light.

i think i got lucky with the copperband. it eats right out of my hand-mostly rods food and mysis shrimp. ive had it for 7 months.

i bought the clowns a green bubble tip anemone and they politely stayed in the flower pot coral. just lost the anemone a couple weeks ago. aside from the anemone, the only loss ive had was a cleaner shrimp.


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2 koralia 3's and 2 koralia 2's
LR is namoli not tonga :doh:
now have 50# LS

finally caught the lawnmower blenny and returned to LFS :swear:

going to try running phosguard in hot magnum to fight hair algae

also started 'cooking' about half my LR on 1/04.

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looks like my tank is cycling again. ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all test 0 but i may need a new kit. last week i bought 25# of figi from my lfs's show tank and moved my remaining HA plagued rock in with the cooking rock. so now my tank has a lot less and different LR than normal.
last night i added 2 11.74 oz chemi pure elite packs to my fluval 405. i hope this helps with the cyano and diatoms.

im going to need to replace the bulbs on my jbj pc fixture. considering replacing the whole thing and going with t5's. my primary concern is heat. anyone out there know if t5's will produce significantly more heat than pc's?
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