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For my 4000th post, I would like to point out how great it is to have a place where such an overwhelming ammount of experience and knowledge is right at your fingertips, and on top of that you get to meet some really great people, and make some life long friends! Yay TCMAS!

Now just for fun lets do a thread where we list what our system spec's were before we found each other, and what they are now in comparison.

I will start (obviously).

72 gallon bowfront
seaclone 150 skimmer (before that a prism, yes, thats right I said prism)
HOB overflow box
wet/dry system, with bioball
Rio return pump
Odyssea 260w cf lighting with moonlights.
for dosing I used the Kent kits- Iodine, Calcium, and Strontinum....
oooh, and jungle dip test strips for all testing:freak:

220 gallon
custom built aquatic acrylics skimmer
coast to coast overflow filled with cheato
40 gallon rubbermaid sump filled with rubble rock for added filtration
3x400 watt mh (2xsunlight suppy, 1xARO) with luminarc reflectors
4x160 watt vho powered by 2 icecap 660's
Mag 12 return
4x Tunze 6100's on a controller.

So there is my tribute to the wealth of information within TCMAS. Lets see everyone elses.


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Started with Oceanic 55
sea clone 100
10 gallon sump
with some kind of power head for return
handfull of powerheads for flow

Building 150 set up
150 gallon tank on main floor
Coast to coast overflow
4 VHO's
2 metal Halides
40 gallon Miracle mud sump in basement
1200 in line pump for water movement
1200 in line pump for return(preasure rated)
Aqua C EV180 skimmer with waste collection
Media reactor (bob)
UV sterizer

Thanks for helping me spend my money TCMAS

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75G, non RR
Oddesea skimmer
15g sump
Oddesea 700gph return pump
Oddesea 260 PC light

125 RR
29 RR
55g sump/fuge
15g sump
all tanks plumbed together to run as 1 system, or can be isolated with the turn of a valve.
3x250 10K MH
2x6' VHO actinic
Mag7 return
Mag18 closed loop
TF1000 skimmer
RO/DI auto top-off
2 media reactors, driven from a Mag5

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1st tank (was in CO):
72g bowfront
12g wet/dry
Aqua C Remora
Rio return
260w PC Coralife

2nd (now in MN):
220g AGA w/ dual megaflows
Bob built sump/fuge w/ 110w PC light and PS250 skimmer
2 mag 9.5 returns
4x 6100s on magnets w/ multi
3x 400w lumen max (XM 20,000k bulbs)
Blue Wave ballasts

very similiar to mtfatworks lol

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Yeah, I am still at St. Thomas. Right now I'm on my internship break as part of the program, I will be starting at a mid-sized accounting firm next week. Looking forward to that, finally have some time off this week which is nice. The tank is looking great, you should definately come see it sometime. I still have the helfrich firefish along w/ some other cool fish that you would like. :)
How's your tank going? I am in the need for some SPS corals so let me know if you want to meet up sometime this week. Have some neat things to trade.

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Same 120g tank but:

Actinics only
10x turnover rate
POS skimmer (can't even tell what kind)
20 gal sump
A few powerheads
700 GPH return pump
Calcium reactor (not set properly)
Nitrates and Phosphates off the charts

Dual 400W MH with actinics
40x turnover rate
Fans in hood and stand
700 GPH return pump
Calcium reactor (set properly)
30 gal sump
ASM G3 skimmer
CLS with Dart
Rocklifts from Fly Guy
PCI 1/4hp chiller
Nitrates and phosphates undetectable

big fishy
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55 gal hex with softies and a few lps
PC lighting
No overflow or sump
1 powerhead for circulation
PacBak hang on skimmer

92 gal bow front corner
mixed softies, lps, sps,
fish and clams
started with 2x150 MN HQI, now at 2x250 MN HQI
30 gal sump
T3 return pump w around 700 gph
Tunze 6100 in tank
AquaC EV120 skimmer
1/4 hp Chiller

85 gal seahorse tank
1x250 MH HQI
MAG 250 hooked to a spray bar for circulation
DelTec HOB skimmer

RIP Steve Irwin
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I started with a 75 5 years ago and weeks later got a great deal on a 150 show. Soon after finding TCMAS I upgraded to all the extra goodies inc. halides good skimmer tunzes etc. Also SPS ;)

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1st tank was a 72 bow also.
RENA XP2 filter and a heater and AGA light strip.
I had LS & sand from a bag, and 10# of [email protected]$7/lb:rolleyes:
Photo is 9 months in when I got my 1st MH hood, and first HOB skimmer.
PS: from the looks of this photo, it looks like I just got back from Dirks. I can see the Turbofloter box and the Tide Pool overflow.


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55 gallon tank
Fake pirate ship
Fake Skull
Skimmer? whats that?
Sump? whats that?
Penguin filter
Regular old flourescent lights


75 gallon tank with built in overflows
75 gallon sump/fuge
DYI oversized Pine stand
over 100 pounds of live rock
ASM G4 skimmer
2 Seio 1500's
Mag 7 return
Rubble rock, chaeto in fuge
Many great corals

WOW! After looking at that, I cant believe anything survived in that tank!

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ok mary you know this thread is totaly useless with out before and after pics. :lol:

so lets see them mary.
we dont need the after pics so much as the before. :lol: :lol:

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Mary, don't you think this thread is a tad bit sarcastic, given the fact the 2800 of your 4000 posts were OFF TOPIC ?? :lol:
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