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4a one Wednesday....

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.....there was a man WIDE AWAKE! :rolleyes:

Coffee is already doing it's thing, and a fair chance there'll be PB+J(grape) on Buttermilk waffles before we launch.

Hack n I will be heading to the creek, BUT....a half'ish day looms bright ahead.
One of our own is getting married Saturday, so the boss is closing 1/2 a day and taking us to lunch/cocktails for the afternoon.
As pretty much a 'none drinker'.....or at least not even a shadow of what I could once do with a glass in front of me......won't be much more than a LONG LUNCH. But, I do have a chauffeur :ROFLMAO:

Everyone at work seems to forget, I have a half hour drive at the end of my day, as to where they can all do the 'gutter crawl' and they'll make it to their homes.

Let's let peace and grooviness have a shot,
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Mornin Hack & all who follow. I was happy to go from a 1/2 hour commute to a 4 minute commute. The down side is the 1/2 hour gave me time to listen to some music & shake off the day before I got home. Now I am still thinkin about work when I get home & don't disconnect as easy.

Coffee & cinnimon buns fi ya are tempted. Also a stack of invoices & some training papers to fill out. I better get at it.
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Good mawnin, Hack, Rick, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee and good eats, Hack and Rick! I will add a fresh fruit cup.

Hack, I bet 2¢ not much work happens at the creek this morning. 🤣 it is a good thing that you have a designated driver today good thing to teach Nate for future use.

Rick, thank you for sharing the delicious cinnamon raisin buns, but you can keep the paperwork. I hear ya on a longer commute gets your mind cleared out of the days worth of work before you get home.

A friend’s yellow lab was bit by a copperhead on Sunday, and she had to take her to the emergency vet, which is in another county! Our lack of veterinary practices in this part of the state is really pathetic. I have heard that Clemson University will be starting a veterinary school of medicine.🎉🎉 Right now the closest veterinary school of medicine is in Auburn, Alabama. 😳

We got huge last night, including lightning followed by dramatic clap of thunder. The lightning and thunder were very close together so it must’ve been right at my door. Easy day for me today, starting with an exercise class at 9:15. This afternoon we have pizza and bingo so I need to get a dollar’s worth of times sometime today.

lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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Morning all.

Finding up what is going on at work today. Long term plan.
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Good morning Hack, Rick, Cath, Perry and everyone else.

Going to be another great day here hot with a chance of some afternoon showers.

Presley spending the Day with us today, so Gabi can get some sleep. She worked all night.

Our police officer that was shot is still in critical condition, they released the time line of events. The suspect was looking for a confrontation that day and harassed a few women in the parking lot and even followed her home and then returned to the same parking lot and started confronting other women when the officer responded and was ambushed. He never got out of the car and was hit multiple times.

I don’t usually carry but I told Kristine I probably will CC more often now. People are broken nowadays.
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Good Morning Everyone, sounds like the day is planned out. Bummer on snakebit dog Cath, national vet facility is a pain for pet owners.
Prayers go out to the LEO who was ambushed. Did they get the perp?
57 here heading to 88F later. Hopefully all deliveries show up early before it heats up.
HAve a great day Gang
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Yes they killed him down the road in a shootout.
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Skin Lip Hand Hat Wood

HOWDY HO Neighbors!

Survived half day at the creek, and a 'company lunch n cocktails''......and even my famous 15 minute 'power nap'. Nothing worthy of a Tibetan monk to share from a mountain top perch, but was enjoyable.

Taking Jen over to the Sams' for a sleepover, as She watches Karter to let Squirt get a good night's sleep.
Leaving 'Brother' Nathanael and His Old man to fend for ourselves for the evening.
I pride myself on 'nick naming' people, and Nate has become my favorite fodder for such loving terms.....
Vlad Hack/Drak Hack, for his notorious all nighters.....Wolf Man Hack, DUH! ....Brother Nathanael, for his 'Amish' male look(especially when I found a straw hat to adorn his bearded rugged good looks)....Thor/Nordic god of mischief......and so on n so forth....

Any inklings yet Perry how goes the work pond of tranquility?

Oooooph on your Friend's doggie vs Copper Head Cath......prayers and positive thoughts sent their way. Auburn is where Jen's Sister went to vet school. (y)

I do enjoy, as such, that half hour drive, I use it as my 'listening' to the bible time......and recently bantering time with Nate on our days together to n from work. But the Goof Bugs on the road have increased exponentially over the years requiring more of my concentration as opposed to contemplation. :rolleyes:

Ooooooow, a bowl of COLD chocolate candy has mysteriously appeared on my lap.....someone loves me!
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Howdy, Hack!

That right there was a pleasant to read post, including some appropriate humor along the way. I can see all of those monikers for Nate. Of course, they’re all based on your version of him. 🙄😂 No doubt his friends might call him something else.😏

Good idea for Jen to take care of your new little grandbaby Karter so Squirt can get a good night’s rest.

Thanks for your well wishes for my friends‘ golden lab, Chloe. Chloe is slowly improving, and her humans will be taking her out on a leash now to do her business. Of course, Chloe won’t like that but it’s for her safety, and her humans‘ sanity.

Huh! I forgot that Jen’s sister went to Auburn for her Vet school. Where is she practicing now?

On with the evening. Make it groovy. 😀
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Her Sister works for an outfit down in Alabama and Georgia......been 'retired' for a while, but still can be found popping Her head in and out.....OFTEN.
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