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For Sale:

45 hex tank with matching canopy and stand
I bought the tank new about a year ago and the only thing i modded was the canopy < cut a little out of the back to accomodate an Excalibur hang on skimmer. The top piece of wood on the canopy needs to be taken off and nailed back down, it came this way from the store but it was the last one they had so I took it. The tank doesn’t have any scratches in it and comes with a 250 watt MH light.
The bulb is a Blueline that has been used maybe 6 months and the ballast is an electronic ARO. All equipment is around a year old except the bulb that was bought about 5 years ago but never used til about 6 months ago when I replaced a used XM from the 125 I was using on it with the bluer Blueline bulb. I can send pictures to anyone that wants. This is a local pickup in Memphis, TN only please. I can’t part anything out also as I need to sell it all at once. There is about 80 lbs of live rock Figi in it. 3-4 BIG pieces stacked on top of each other. The rock has a little xenia on it and some acro frags attached. Asking price is $400.00 OBO

Thank You,

Jerry Foster

[email protected]
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