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Hi all, I've been in the hobby now for about a year... I have had 2 14g BioCubes and I kept a 1.5g Picotope tank for a little while also.

As you might imagine I am fast out-growing my current 14g BioCube so I am now ready to upgrade to something a bit bigger. I have chosen the 40g Breeder tank from AGA as my main display and I plan a 20 to 30g refugium full of live rock and chaeto.

The tank dimensions are: 36"L x 18"W x 16"T

I want to get the Current Outer Orbit 36" Light fixture... 150W MH HQI 14,000K and 2 x 24W T5HO Actinic supplementation and also LED moonlights for nightviewing.

I'm getting a custom stand built so that it sits a little bit higher than most stands because I'm tall and I would like to view my new tank while I'm standing up.

Still undecided as far as my skimmer goes so any suggestions would be very helpful because this will pretty much be the first time I set up a tank that isn't all-in-one.


1 True Perc.
1 Purple Firefish
1 Neon Goby
2 Yellowheaded Jawfish
1 Yellow-tailed Blue Damsel
1 Six-Line Wrasse

sounds a little overstocked but hopefully a good skimmer will resolve this.

Various hermits and snails(turbos, Nassarius, etc...)
2 Cleaner Shrimp
Tuxedo Urchin
Various Feather Duster worms
2 Tridacna crocea

I wanted to do mostly LPS and softies so my stocking list as far as corals go won't be too extensive

Green Open Brain
Long-Tentacled Plate Coral
about 10 different types of zoos
Ricordea florida
Ricordea yuma
various green, red, and blue mushrooms
Anchor Coral

Xenia spp.
Green Star Polyps
1 Large Toadstool Leather
Finger Leather

maybe some SPS eventually but not at first I don't think.

I hopefully will have some pics up soon and until then, happy reefing and hopefully I will see everyone at the NFMAS meeting at Bio-Reef coming up
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