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I have had my tank for a little over six weeks now - and here is what I got so far. I started slow and steady to this point.

36 gallon Aqeon Bowfront Glass Tank
24" Ray 2 Dual LED (10,000K White and 450nm Actinic Blue)
2 Hydor 425 Powerheads
I use the Aqeon Quietflow Filter w/o media for additional flow
40lbs live sand
40lbs live rock
I forgot what kind of heater but it came for this tank size. Set at 78.

For soft corals: (I don't know the exact names of the corals but ill describe)
Bubble tip coral
2 Green flower lookin guys
Pink tree lookin guy
Little star flower coral

1 Clown Fish
1 bubbletip anenome
1 yellow watchman goby
1 starlight Benny
10 hermit crabs
4 snails
1 slug thing for algae control
1 pincushion urchin
1 skunk shrimp
1 fire shrimp
1 small pink shrimp

More to come. What do y'all think so far?

I want to convert an extra ten gallon tank into a sump/refuge setup under the tank....hmmmm or Ecosystem HOB refuge (I think it holds like 3-5 gallons?) but I'm thinking a DIY would be better....thoughts?

I'm also looking to add additional lighting - mainly blue LED for the corals and moonlight for night viewing.

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Hey bryybryyy

Got the same tank you have and was thinking over converting over too... you give any thoughts as to how you are going to plumb the overflow into the sump? I wasn't too keen on drilling, just wondering what your thoughts were.

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I got a 36 bow as well. FYI the 10 gal tank will not fit under the stand unless you have a custom stand. Look up using 5gal buckets as a sump system. I just converted over to those since my sump sprung a leak. There's some one on here with a 36 that uses them and has a good layout. Google it.
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