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Simple tank not a lot of stuff right now just mainly Live rock... Fish will be getting put in in the next few weeks.

- Koralia Evolution 750 Powerhead
- PennPlax Cascade 1000 Canister Filter
- (for now) Standard Lighting Hood W/ 50/50 Reef Light

Live Rock & Live Sand:
- 25lbs Fiji Live Rock
- 50lbs Live Sand

- Small Green Wolf Eel
- Grouper (Not Sure what kind yet)

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Not even close.

That is a lot of bio load... lots of bio load requires lots of rock for the bacteria to grow to break down the ammonia. The more rock that is in there displaces the usable gallons... Even for FOWLR, it's way over stocked even for only a year. Going to need a good skimmer to make this work.

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A skimmer is great because it removes organics before they break down. I would probably keep the canister on a FO just because it will help break down ammonia to nitrate. Yes, it can contribute to nitrates... but that is a minor issue in FO systems. WIth a very heavy bioload you may need the help. Although adding rock adds filtration it also decreases water volume so there is a point of diminishing marginal return on adding rock.

Even with babies you already have a tank stocked too heavy IMO, I would not add more. Keep in mind that besides bioload, you can have territorial aggression especially as these fish mature. The GSM you mention will consider ALL of a 30 or even a 55 as hers at maturity. She may not be able to beat up a Lionfish to prove her point, but being constantly in aggressive mode is not healthy.

I said my piece on it and will not beleaguer the point. :cool:

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ive found myself "RESCUING" fish from the PETCO ICH DEATH TANKS......i agree with you and EVERYONE else on the 3 fish.

granted you MEAN well is it WELL ENUFF.....i know it seems like your tank is better than the petco display tanks BUT you got a trigger and an eel in there as well which means gallon for gallon he isnt in much of a bigger area.

BUT.....while your in the process of getting the other tank up MAKE SURE you stay on top of water changes in the 30 to keep those 3 guys as happy and healthy as possible.

never owned a puffer before(other thang green spot freshwater puffers) but i know that the trigger and the eel are MESSY eaters and can pollute the water pretty fast.

do u have a skimmer on there now? if nopt get one the coralife hang-on skimmers for the time being.....they work pretty good for small tanks and you can get them at petco and most fish stores pretty cheap.

like i said just stay on your husbandry and they will make it thru while waiting on their new home....
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