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<HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Hey guys i have a news i am getting a length 37 x breadth 18 x hieght x 25 (old freshwater tank not in use for long time) i think this makes it 70 gallon if u multiply the total with 0.00433. My friend is ready to give me at any price i feel like to give him. It comes with a wooden stand also. Tonight i will go and see the tank and I will post the picture tomorrow.

Please reply my queries mentioned below :
I want to buy it but if only i can keep yellow tang and other tangs in it.
is it possible to keep a yellow tang in 75 gallon.
Will my whole cost increase like saltmix, lights, powerheads, protein skimmer size, sands,water.
Can i shift everything from my old tank to a new one like sand rocks etc with same water.
Will the tank take more time to mature.
Will the overall cost increase a lot.

Awating for your replies very eagerly.

It will be cheap in long term or expensive.

But how i am going to tell it to my wife, she might kill

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Sounds closer to a 60 gal...

The only tangs you could get away with would be the Ctenochaetus varieties, they usually top out at 5 to 7". You need to have a significant amount of rock and it must be spaced so they can swim through it. Exercise and food is the name of the game to keep tangs from getting sick.

You will end up spending every possible penny, that's how this hobby works :D

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It will give you 72 gallons at those dimensions(l x w x h /231). As for a cheap up grade, well that depends on what you already have for your 30.

What kind of lights do you have?
How much live rock do you have?
What kind of pump do you have?
What kind of skimmer do you have?
Do you already have a sump?
Do you want a sump on the 70?

Yes you can just shift everything over to the new tank. You will need to add to this to make up for the extra room in the new tank. Should not take any more time to mature. Will it cost more? Yes some but, alot of this depends on the answers to my above questions.

As for the tang, well that is a controversial subject. MY opinion on this matter, and this is only my opinion:

If its done right, you can keep a tang in a tank that size, but you MUST get a small(read 2 inch) one. If you get a small(again 1.5-2.5 inch max) one to start and know that eventually, when it grows up you WILL have to trade it in, then yes you can get a tang. Fish tend to grow to their environment or at least when kept in a small environment, they grow at a much slower rate then in the wild. So to get a small (2 inch) one, you should be able to keep it for a year or two.

In case you didn't notice, I am recommending getting one that is only 1.5-2.5 inchs(5-7cm) at the most to start. I would only get one, so choose the one you want carefully.

Is this going to be fish only or a reef tank? If this is going to be a reef tank, I wouldn't spend too much money on it as its not the most ideal dimensions for a reef tank. Hope some of this helps with your decision. Good luck, Mark
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