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Good morning David. Looks like a great set up you found yourself for a bargain price.....good work! And sorry, but looks like Yrahcaz is right, 'too big, too small, too many, and probably not enough.' Though I have been keeping 3-green chromises in my 45g tank for 7 months now and have been playing well together. But I have heard they could develope a pecking order where it could turn bad. But my experience with them has been great. But as for a dwarf angel, I'm afraid it wouldn't work out in your' tank, just wouldn't be worth the stress on the fish, and the stress on you eventualy to see him in distress. But gobbies, and blennies with a small school of chromises or cardinal fish would make a wonderfull splash of color and motion in your' reef tank.
A firefish, or for a few bucks more a 'purple-firefish' just couldn't invent a more colorful creation, a bit skidish at times, but mine never misses a meal, and loves roaming around the tank, but is the first to run when there's a sudden noise, or movement, but will be right back out when he knows it's safe. Fish that aren't as, shall we say 'flashy' but I would never have a tank again with out them are a green citron gobby, and a yellow watchman gobby....both quiet and sorta shy, but when they get used to you, they have a personality all their own. They're quiet back ground fish, but I love them. And for a mandarin, that's a tough one......I will try one eventialy when my 220g gets matured, as to where I just started cycling it a few weeks ago, and only when I gain the confidence I can keep him happy and flurishing. They are too beautiful not to have, but study long and hard and listen to other's wisdom.....lots of food, live food, and a mature tank that can supply that food on an on going bases. And the thing with a smaller tank, the concensus seems to be there's not enough room for a thriving population of pods to exist, but am not an expert by any means on this subject, so I wish you luck if it is possible. Paul B, seems to be the resident expert on keeping 'fussy-eaters' happy thriving and even breeding.....look at some of his threads.....a reef up and running for 40 years.....he's got some wisdom! Best of luck David, and wish you well.....and keep asking,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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