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Hello, iv posted here a few times, I feel bad that all I do is ask questions, but I feel I don't have the experience to provide advice yet:( and I don't want to give someone terrible advice! Anyhow, a little background on me. I have a 13 gal, with a clown and various substrate cleaning critters. It's a year and a half old now, and besides bad decision making on my part, everything is well with that tank. I now have a 30 gal. I'd LOVE to have at least a 75 gal, but a 30 gal is about that absolute max I can put in my house, both space, and financially speaking. Right now it's about 2 months old, and it's just cycling with a damsel, and a few crabs. There's about a 3 inch thick LS base, and the LR is a little under the Recomended amount, but I plan to add more, as soon as my wallet lets me lol. I was just wanting some advice on what I can safely do with this tank. I love angels and any fish that looks "ocean" like, but I realize with the size of my tank, I'm pretty limited. So what all could I do to make this tank as pretty as possible?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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