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The 180g, as I type this, is still in its early stages. As more lights need to be added, along with other items. The sandbed looks deeper than it will eventually be. I pushed all the sand to the front of the tank so the rock could be on BB. I plan to push the sand back around the rock with just having a half-inch or so around the tank. The tank is flowing and in its early early stages of cycling. Corals and more fish to come late 2014, early 2015.

Long term plan is to take my 75g frag tank and make the 180g a full reef. I'll add pics to this post as it all comes together.

Equipment list:
> 180g 6ft dual overflows - used all overflows as drains & have three returns (as pictured)
> Tropic Eden reef sand
> two 150w EHEIM Jager heaters in display, one 100w FluVal heater in sump
> two 4ft ReefBrite LED Actinic lightbars staggered to cover the 6ft span)
> two 250w MH 20k Pendants (not added until corals get moved)
> two Vortech MP40w
> 100g Rubbermaid sump
> I-Tech skimmer
> Reeflo Hammerhead Barracuda return pump
> Reef Octo dual chamber calc reactor
> Apex controller with two EB8s (one EB8 in basement, one under display tank)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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