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Not even sure if I can post here with things for sale.. Well I am from South Bend, and here is a list of things I have for sale. Admin if this is against rules then please delate this topic and sorry for problem. I am close to Exit 72 on Toll Road.

.. so here is a list of things for sale:

- Aquapod 24 with 3x40W PC bulbs -$150
- Aquapod 24 with 2x32W PC bulbs - $80
- Sapphire Nano Skimmer for Aquapod 24 - $70
- Coralife Super Skimmer 65G - $40


Both tanks have some minor scratches from cleaning glass with mag float. Only one will come with MaxiJet 1200 pump. Both will come with small light for refugium in back chamber if someone wants go that way.

Sapphire Nano Skimmer was used in one of the tanks. It was placed in first (out of two chambers) back chamber. This skimmer was specifically designed for AP 24. The one I am selling is older model though, but works perfectly fine. More info on the new model here:

Coralife Super Skimmer 65G works perfectly fine. I did modified it to fit back chamber of Aquapod 24. Thats why the hood of the upgraded light AP 24 has two cut off holes on the back (not visible from the front) to fit nozzles of CSS 65G. This skimmer works! at this stage of modification I think it would be better to use it in some refugium than of display tank.

Feel free to ask.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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