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29g Bio cube need help

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alright guys this tank is aprox 3 months old since i moved it from the 10 gallon .. i ahve a tunez 9002 needless to say i need a auto top of system i work to long so the water lv doesnt say in the tunez zone for very long and im not here to keep it at the right level i dont have the money to buy one and do to tanks location a gravity is out the question anyone know of any good diy auto top offs the dont mind helping me understand how to make it .. second from day one everything in my tank has been green everything is testing normal my test 2 different lfs test everything is normal yet i got hair alge starting toform ide really apprecaite the info on the Auto top .. and if anyone knows why all the green with plz let me knowwhat u think of my tank and any advice .. im a complete novis Water Organism Pet supply Marine biology Aquatic plant

Water Vertebrate Fluid Purple Organism

Water Underwater Natural environment Pet supply Fish supply
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what kind of budget are we talking about here? why can you not do gravity feed? even a small 1 liter bottle could work.

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