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Tank and Equipment

27 Gallon Acrylic Tank (30"L x 12"W x 17"H)

4 Lamp Tek Light T5 HO Lighting Fixture
Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6056

1. PowerChrome Actinic+ 39watt 36in.
2. PowerChrome Pure Actinic 39watt 36in.
3. PowerChrome Aqua Blue+ 39watt 36in. (11,000 K)
4. PowerChrome Actinic+ 39watt 36in.

CPR CS202 Overflow. Flow rate 1500 gph. (2 x 1" bulkhead fitting)

20 Gallon High (24" x 12" x 16") AGA tank as Sump
18 Watt Coralife Power Compact Light (2 x 6500 K)
Red Sea 80 gph Powerhead
Coralife Protein Skimmer Needle Wheel 65 Gallon

Quiet One 6000 Pump (1506gph) (5800 lph)

Ebo Jaeger Heater TS-75 watts
Marineland Stealth Heater 75 watts
30lbs Aragamax select sand


1 x Sailfin Tang
1 x Yellow Tail Damsel
1 x Red Banded Prawn Goby
1 x Six Line Wrasse
1 x Bi-Color Blenny
2 x Cleaner Shrimp
1 x Porcelain Crab
Various Hermits and Snails

19 x SPS
(10 x Acropora, 4 x Montipora, 1 x Pocillopora, 3 x Seriatopora, 1 x Hydnophora)
26 x Zooanthid Morphs
4 x Ricordea (Florida & Yuma)
4 x Green Star Polyps
1 x Blasstomussa Wellsi
1 x Blue Crocea Clam
Capnella Soft Coral
Cream/Green Pacific Palythoa Colony
Pink Vein Clove Polyps

60-80 lbs Live Rock
(Aquacultured, Hawaiian Islands, Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands)

Tank runs at about 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a salinity of 1.024
A 10 gallon water change is done once a week. Bi-weekly the tank is inundated with cyclop-eeze, frozen mysis and a mix of live adult and baby brine shrimp.

Some Inhabitants have been removed and new ones added since this picture-Yellow Leather, one Birdsnest and Green Favia have been replaced by various SPS. I will add updated pictures as soon as possible.


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