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20gal set-up help!

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Hey guys!

New to the reef tanks (kind of!) I've had a saltwater tank before but really just for the fish! This time I'm stepping up the game or "tightening up the skates and grabbin the big boy stick" Im just curious as to the set up aspect of this, I will be having a live argonate bed and live rock as well as far as lighting what would your recommendations be? I'm playing to have polyps and med-low light level corals, and of course! The girlfriend wants nemo and dori... It is going to be a 20 gallon without a sump. Help a fellow Canadian/Reefer out?!:thumbup::lol:
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Welcome to The Reef Tank Canadianreefer19

Your start up should go family early if you've cycled a tank previously.
You'll need to decide on live sand or dry sand for your substrate. The same thought will come with your live rock. There are pros and cons to either and ultimately you'll have to do what suits you best. Personally, I'd start with dry sand and rock. That means there is no live in them. No bacteria, no hitchhikers, phosphate, etc.

You'll probably be ok with a 'Nemo'...I'd get a pair of young ones. You do not have a tank of adequate size for a "Dori"...Pacific Regal Tang. They are fast and nearly constant swimmers and require a lot of room. 180 gallons is the recommended minimum.
There are many other fishes and corals that will make great additions to your little piece of the ocean.

On lighting......LED lighting looks like it might be the cat's meow for you, if you're willing to ante up for the 'newer technology'. They should prove more than ample for medium or low light corals, and will pay for themselves over time in energy savings.
Or you could look @ a hood with florescent, VHO T-5's, etc.

That's as far I'll take it for now.....

Please go to General Discussion and read: "Reefkeeping made easy...." There is a ton of information there that is indispensable.

A Hello and Welcome thread is always appriciated.


Welcome aboard.
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Okay I'll jump over there and have a look, I told her that her "dori" wouldn't fit... I've had a pair of true clowns that hosted a bubble tip before so I knew that I could get a couple of those in a 20 gallon. Thanks for your input though!!
Welcome to TRT!
Dory is far too big as Dave explained before
but I'm looking forward to seeing nemo! :)
Well I am planning on doing a build thread, How to set up a 20 gallon reef tank without spending a whole lot of money just to help the new reefers! Im also hoping for some input from the more experienced because I remember there was next to nothing as far as guides that I could find when I first started with my fish tanks. Now this nano reef is a stepping stone as I am planning in the future to transform my 55 gal long pred tank into a reef.
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