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So, I have had a 20 gallon for about 5-6 months now. I started it up just to see how i did at saltwater after a 10 year break, and with the only casualty being a monti who fell on my frogspawn I feel like i am ready to go bigger. I began the 20 extra high with a very basic setup of a emperor 400 for filtration and 2 power heads for flow. The upgrade components are as follows:

72 gallon bowfront
25 gallon sump
protein skimmer(cannot remember the make but it is rated for well over 72 I believe)
1 Ecoray 60D LED for now, another once i pick up the tank

The current inhabitants of my tank are as follows:


1 gold striped maroon clown
1 yellow banded possum wrasse
1 bi color blenny
1 wheelers shrimp goby


blue and red legged hermits
emerald crab
feather duster
tiger pistol shrimp
all sorts o snails
cleaner shrimp
3 sexy shrimp


2 hammer corals
1 frogspawn
1 folded brain
goniopora (i have no clue how it has done this well for the last 3 months, i didn't realize that it was supposedly so difficult!)
1 metallic green trumpet

1 monti who is struggling after being beaten up after falling on my hammer
1 birts nest
1 unknown monti like coral

1 rusty
1 purple

So, that is it for my current inhabitants. The tank that i am moving this all to is actually one from the LFS which i scored an awesome deal on. Because he is moving to a smaller location, he needed to get rid of it. I am moving and will be able to set it up on the 14th so ill be able to have pictures of it then, but in the meantime i can keep my tank set up at my current location.

With the intro and the specification on what I will have and what I currently have in terms of gear, I am looking ahead to consider livestock. I have been doing a bit of research and would really value your input on what I can/shouldn't/cant have in this tank. If there are some fish whom would demolish the sexy shrimp, no problem as I know someone who would be interested.

Future Livestock(?):

Gold striped maroon(currently have)
yellow banded possum wrasse(currently have)
bi color blenny(currently have)
wheelers shrimp goby(currently have)
Dusky wrasse
Carpenters flasher wrasse
Banggai cardinal
Kole/squaretail bristletooth tang and(ideally/or/absolutely neither) a CB Butterfly
Yellow clown Goby
Red Mandarin (currently working on plans for a refugium)

Well, that is all that ive got in mind so far. I would love to hear your input, criticism, and ****-talk ;) I work with fishing guides and firefighters so any bad mouthing you can throw at me wont be a problem :cool:

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Well the tank is set up and cycled, with everything looking great! Well, that is with exception my Birdsnest and monti who both were murdered by my Frogspawn. RIP. I Ended up getting rid of the Wheelers shrimp goby as well as the Yellow banded possum wrasse whom I had decided would not fare wo well with the potentially more aggressive as well as larger fish I would like to get in the future. Anyway, here are the long overdue pics.


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