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20" 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/ Quad 50/50 -Square Pin 4 Sale

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20" Coralife Aqualight™ Deluxe Series - Single Linear Strip with 96 watt 50/50™ "Quad" Compact fluorescent Lamp -Square Pin Base

* A complete hood system, ready to be placed over your tank.
* Single 96W bulb unit, great for nano reefers who have a small tank, but require lots of light!
* 96 watt Coralife 50/50™ Compact Fluorescent Quad Style Lamp Included. Quad lamps are smaller than standard 96W CF bulbs (they are about 16.5" in length).
* A great unit from a reputable company, these powerful compact fluorescent units are high quality!
* Built-in Electronic Ballast.
* Two built-in fans!
* Sleek Aluminum Housing.
* Highly-Polished Reflector.
* Acrylic Lens Cover.
* On/Off Switch.
* Dimensions -Unit alone: 20 1/4"L x 7 1/4"W x 2 5/8"H
* The optional mounting legs will raise the unit 1 1/2" high over the top of the tank, and the legs can expand to fit 2.5" longer than the unit itself. In other words, this 36" unit can be mounted on a 38.5" long tank, with the mounting legs installed.
* The mounting legs can fit tanks smaller than the unit's length, since they mount in a channel that runs the entire length of the fixture.

I have 2 for sale. $85 each plus shipping.

email me if you are interested.

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