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2 corals and Dry sand for sale

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I have 50 pounds of dry arragonite sand FS.....$25

I have two pieces of M Capricornis FS also. The first one is about 2"x4" and I want $35 for it.
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This second piece is is about 7 or 8" tall and 6-7" across.....

I want $75 for it....depending on your lighting both of these corals will be either brown/green with pink/purple rim.....mine have a pink rim currently. have sold to some others and they have turned purple.....
Both corals SOLD! Thanks Chris! who wants the sand? It is Carib Sea sand.....
I will have to look on the grain size. It is definitely larger than southdown sand...more coarse.

Sale pending on the sand. I will know more this afternoon.
sand sale fell through.....still for sale.

the sand is fairly fine...but not like SD is probably 1mm
1 - 6 of 8 Posts
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