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I am selling my 180 gallon reef. This system has been up just over 2 years. The Live sand is teaming with life.
I will not part out anything. I am selling this system complete.
Buyer must bring a good size crew and a truck to move all of this equipment.

Here is what is included:

180 gallon AGA reef ready with Cherry Stand and canopy
The tank is drilled for a closed loop and a spraybar.
Durso Standpipe in the overflows.
400 pounds of mature Live Sand

Sequence 6000PRO23 water pump, it runs at 1/4 HP with a maximum of 23' of head!!

ETS 700 Stingray protein skimmer with Gen X Mak 4 pump

K2R Calcium Reactor

Custom Sea In Line Life Power Cooler 1/3 hp chiller,
dual stage temp controller
Aquanetics 1000w heater

2 - 3/4" sea swirls with Mak 5 pump for closed loop

3 X 400w 6500K Iwasaki lamps, powered by PFO EYE ballasts and supplemented by 2 X 96w CSL Power Compact lamps

135 gal plastic sump

lots of PVC pipe, valves and various plumping

Take Everything for $2000

Original Costs over $5000

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