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today I have up for auction an all glass 155 gallon bow front Reef aquarium with all the fixens for sale a plug and play so to speak.
tank is not drilled. I use a diy overflow

this auction is for the tank the stand and canopy.

comes with 72" outer orbit 24 hour light fixture, with all the timers.
125-150 pounds Fiji live rock
300-400 live base rock
100 gallon sump.with little giant return pump model # 7162-0574
Berlin turbo protein skimmer.
all test kits water treatment is also included.
AquaZone Deluxe 100 - 100 mg/hr Ozonizer/Controller plus ORP Probe and 250cc Air Drier Applying ozone to your tank raises the ORP, increasing oxygen levels and decreasing dissolved wastes; ozone also effectively kills numerous harmful pathogens. AquaZone ozonizer`s corona discharge technology provides higher ozone concentration than UV bulb style ozonizers and allows variable ozone output. Just dial in the amount of ozone that your tank needs! Automatically controls the flow of ozone according to a pre -set ORP Easy to read backlit digital display Easy adjustment of ozone output and desired ORP Continuous display of current ORP Safe and easy to use. Includes 250cc Air Drier All units are just 1 1/4 lbs. and 6 5/8"L x 6 1/4"W x 2 1/4"H.

Neptune Aquacontroller II Unit.
It includes:
Aquacontroller II unit and power supply,
a 2 year old temp probe,
a 1 year old pH probe
a 6 month old ORP probe
a control module
an alarm module
three SR 227 wall outlet X-10 type controllers
two X-10 modules
an RS232 serial cable
a ground isolated serial connector
an RS232 serial cable to USB connector and software
one telephone cable
Support manual

also a 100 gallon per day RO/DI filter. 1-2 months old

coral are also included
1 pagota cup
1 large finger leather
purple mushrooms
green striped mushrooms
green open brain
red brain
pink bubble coral
frogs spon
croca clam
2 cleaner shrimp
2 scooter blennies
2 lawn mower blennies
2 star fish
1 cucumber
1 star burst
1 chili
1 pagota cup
1 devils hand
several zoos and pollops
toad stool
20-75 hermit crabs

100-150 snails
fuzzy mushrooms
3 small xenias
scopas tang
3 chromes
flame tail blenny
2 hourshoe crabs

tank height with canopy is 68 3/4 inch
with 24 1/2 inch
73" long

also included is a pro aquatics wet dry filter...

please call to see 1-920-284-7471

local pick only

need to bring own help to remove from my basment

i will return P.M. durin the day..

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i wil ship small items and easly shipped item.

ah what the hell i will ship it all.. for the right price

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The air dryer goes with the ozone pump and the controller together.

The ac2 goes with all accessories

Please pm me with specifics of fish or coral wanted and zip codes

Thank mike

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please PM me for cost and ship to address..

RO/DI pluss shipping is $110.00

ozonizer 270.00 w shipping.
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