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125G Reef Ready Tank for Sale

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Greetings All!

I have a used All-Glass 125 gallon reef tank for sale. It was used for 6 months and is in awesome condition. It has a black Modern Series stand and canopy. It is spray painted black on the back side of the tank and has a custom 1-1/2 inch corner overflow box. It also has a custom 30 gallon wet/dry and a UV sterilizer. All it needs is a pump, water and fish. It comes with all of the plumbing to and from the tank to the sump.

This is sitting in my garage empty if you want it. The only flaw is that the canopy does not have the top piece, but someone handy could fix that. or you could call All-Glass.

I invested over $1700 in this setup, and at this point will take any reasonable offer. However, the first $500 gets it.

Email me at [email protected]


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Not one single offer huh? I am willing to part with it for a fraction of what I paid for it!


Probably not an issue of price. You just have to find the right buyer is all......

For most of us, we already have several tanks and would have to be an offer you just can't refuse........

People have particular sizes in mind. If this were a 120 or a 180 it would go quick because of the width of a 125g being narrow it's harder to sell to people already into reefkeeping.

Being Black could be a deciding factor for someone that wouldn't match decor of the house.....

So there are lots of reasons that come into play other than just price.....
Would you be interested in parting out the u-v sterilizer? If so what kind is it? BTW you are offering quite a good deal on the tank but I personally already have way to many. My electric bill for my tanks is over $300 per month!
perhaps if i hadn't just picked one up in the same size i'd hit it.
I'd be interested in your tank, if only we had the space for a 6-footer... :(
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