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125 Saltwater Full Tank setup for sale (HAS TO GO! GREAT DEAL!)
I have a 125 Gallon Tank for sale. Trying to sell it ASAP. I would like to sell it all together but will settle to piece it if it doesnt sell right away. This has to go NOW so please take advantage of this deal. Protien skimmer and Live rock worth more then im asking. Not even including pumps and lights, etc.
125 All-Glass gallon tank (72x18x22) no real noticeable scratches.
External Overflow that leads to 55 Gallon Sump. Return Pump Included (Mag 9.5) ~600 GPH
I also have a myreefcreations MR-2 Protein Skimmer (with quick release) with a submersible Gen-X 8500 pump. (paid about 400 for this 6-8 months ago, but only used it for about 3 months.)
Home made sturdy stand extra high (dimentions to come) Probably would need new stand tho for long run.
Home made Flip up Canopy with 2 7ft VHOs (Icecaps) retrokit installed. Bulbs 12 months old, need to be replaced. With 4 computer fans (two pushing in air from sides and 2 pushing out air from top.)
CLS on a Gen-X PCX55
90 lbs of Figi Live rock with lots of life and color.
65 lbs dead rock underneath that has taken alot of color from the live rock.
Very thin layer of crushed coral.
A couple mushroom polyps and star polyps and some sort of zoos that came on live rock.
1 Fish (Percula clown)
A bunch of blue legged hermit crabs and turbo snails.
An automatic top off that just needs cheap powerhead
Brand new Refractometer (Only been used once)
Everything needed to set this aquarium up freshwater. (Under gravel filters, two hangon filters, lots of powerheads and miscelaneous equipment and decorations) you can sell to fish store for in store credit
2 salifert kits (barely used)
2 bags of unopened crushed coral
Half a 5 gallon bucket of salt
Tons of extras I cant think of right now

I will add more to what all comes with it when I get home and can look more of what I have.
I am asking 800 OBO.

Old pictures of my tank:
Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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