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125 mixed local reef

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Hi. I'm new to this page I was big in Salt water back in early 2000s idk who's still all around the lacrosse area. I'm looking for most any corals that are local to fill my 125 keep in mind I'm looking to fill this tank with only local frags. So if your willing to part with your frags on a reasonable note I'd love to house them. I'm running t5 MH 250w over the 125 full sump skimmer set up. So if anyone's willing reach out. This set ups been going for over a year.
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For your budget, buy used. You will be way more complete in your set up, with better quality gear if you buy used. Unless you're aiming for a 10 gallon or less, $500 won't cut it for a respectable set up. New RO/DI is pushing $200 alone. A decent light is around the same. Add in rocks, pumps, livestock, and you're bust.
My ro/di was cheap on my lights very from hi end to low end. Used has only filled my closet with outdated equipment but I can say save the money and buy what you want not what someone else had. A happy reef starts with a happy reefer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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