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125 Gallon tank at school

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For those people who dont know me, I am the person who had the first nano meeting at my house and I am also the teenager that is incharge of the 125 gallon reef tank in my dorm at the University of South Carolina.

Well, heres an update. Over the summer we got 36 hours notice that the tank had to be down and empty so they could redo the lobby......they didnt know how much work would have to be done to tear down that tank. We got it down in the middle of jackhammering and all that crap. The marine bio. department was nice enough to take some of our fish and a couple corals, for everything else(live rock) we put it in a trashcan with a couple powerheads and heaters and hoped for the best. Well, when we got back to school the heater got stuck on and the water was around 97.....we are now using that rock as base rock..:(

We cleaned off ther coralline growth on the tank and put around 120lbs of SouthDown as the sand bed and put the base rock back in the tank as a foundation. We are in the process of filling the tank, RO is only like 30 GPD. It is comming along slowely but shurly!!

We go infront of the government in early september to get funding....and I hope to get around $1000 for the 1st semester to help replace the live rock and the live stock.:dance: Second semster we are hopping to get another $1000 for goodies and toys!

Most of my fellow students in the dorm are looking forward to the tank and the kicker is all the cleaning people and security people are asking me every day when the tank will be back up, I just love how people get hooked on this hoppy!

Here are a couple pictures of the tank. Sorry they are big.
A close-up of the tank.

The tank with a little view of our new beautiful lobby!

If anyone is in the columbia, sc area and have time to stop by just let me know and I will come get you and give you a tour of the university's showcase dorm.

William Mann
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Awesome! I remember you telling the story of that tank at the last ARC meeting. Glad you posted some pics. :) Looks good so far!
I have to come check out south carolina at some point since i'm applying there for next school year.
Just let me know when or if you will be up here and I will be more than happy to show you around!
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