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Alright. So it begins. I am planning a 125g display tank - 72x18x22 with a 40g breeder 36x18x16 as a sump. I am starting this thread for advice on what equipment to buy. I am planning on 250w MH lighting. Will I need 3 lights? Also I will be using supplemental T5HO lighting. I want the lighting to be extremly good as I want to keep SPS and Clams. Equipment Planned and approximate budget on certain things is as follows:

Protein Skimmer (500$)
2 TFL reactors - carbon and phosban
Calcium reactor with CO2
Return pump - not sure If an in sump pump is better or outside
2 heaters
Reefkeeper controller for lights, wavemaking, ph, temp, salinity etc.
UV steralizer

Anything I have forgotten? I am aware this is going to cost alot of money which is why I am starting the planning now and will begin purchasing the tank, sump, pumps, and skimmer first in a month or 2 and adding the rest of the equipment in the months to follow. I want to have the exact brands of everything picked before hand so I can design the stand and everything around them and just easily add them as I make purchases.

So, please make some suggestions on some good equipment!



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My last setup was similar to this. Yes you will need 3 lights. You can get them as pendants or there are 72" fixtures that are 250W that include actinics and moon lighting. That is the way I went, which I am looking for a home for that fixture. To bad you are in Canada. Enjoy your build!!
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