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I have a 125 G tank currently stocked with:

5 - 6" Miniatus Grouper
4 - 5" Blue-jaw Trigger
6" Red Sea Sailfin Tang
6" Red Volitan Lionfish
15" White-spotted Bamboo Shark

Mushroom Colonies
Kenya Tree
Green Finger Sinularia
Pagoda (sp. tubastrea of some sort I believe)
Green Star Polyps
Turbo Snails
Banded Sea Serpent Starfish
Pencil Urchin

Everything is going great as far as compatibility goes. No one picks at corals our really fights too much. The occasional chase and square up happens from time to time as expected, but, never anything to concerning. My plan is to upgrade to a 240, maybe even 300 G by the end of April. My LFS got in a gorgeous Blueface Angelfish and I want him terribly bad. What's everyone's thoughts on adding the Blueface?? I have heard about the nipping of the corals but that doesn't bother me. Something else I was told by a different LFS was that the Blueface would "eat the eyes out of the shark". Does anyone know or has anyone heard anything about that????

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Get a emperor, majestic, or even a regal angel. They all look better than a blueface. I would go with an emperor but you could also consider a blue ring angel.

If I may add, a marine Betta with be a nice addition and id tou have a deep pocket a western blue devil if you can find one would be better

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Welcome to TRT!!


any angel except the Genicanthus spp. will be risky with any kind of corals or sponges in the tank, as far as the corals are concerned. if you do not care about the corals, than all i can say is give one a try. these critters may not have ever come across another in the wild, so trying to figure out exactly what happens when they are introduced can be anyones guess. though i do not see any obvious problems with the list you provided except for the shark, which will grow to over 3' in length in a fairly short time.

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